IJP - Israel Journal of Psychiatry

IJP: Israel J. of Psychiatry | Nr. 2, 2009

Vol. 46, Nr. 2, 2009| Table of Contents, Israel Journal of psychiatry

Editorial: The Emerging Field of Psychiatric Rehabilitation D. Roe, M. Lachman and K.T. Mueser p.82

Implementing Person-centered Care in Psychiatric Rehabilitation: What Does This Involve? M. Borg, B. Karlsson, J. Tondora and L. Davidson p.84

Psychiatric Rehabilitation: An Emerging Academic Discipline K.J. Gill and N.M. Barrett p.103

Assessing Psychiatric Rehabilitation Service (PRS) Outcomes in Israel: Conceptual, Professional and Social Issues D. Roe, R.Gross, S. Kravetz, V. Baloush-Kleinman, and A. Rudnick p.103

Quantitative Assessment of Changes in Self Experience: An Overview of Research of the Scale to Assess Narrative Development P.H. Lysaker, J.I. Lintner, B.L. Luedtke and K.D. Buck p.111

The Contribution of Self-effi cacy, Social Support and Participation in the Community to Predicting Loneliness among Persons with Schizophrenia Living in Supported Residences C. Schwartz and O.C. Gronemann p.120

Predictors of Distress and Hope in Relatives of Individuals with Schizophrenia M.S. Friedman-Yakoobian, A. Weisman de Mamani and K.T. Mueser p.130

Metacognitive and Interpersonal Interventions for Persons with Severe Mental Illness: Theory and Practice I. Hasson-Ohayon, S. Kravetz, I. Levy and D. Roe p.141

The Amitim Program: An Innovative Program for the Social Rehabilitation of People with Mental Illness in the Community G. Halperin and T. Boz-Mizrahi p.149

Book Review D. Greenberg p.157

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