IJP - Israel Journal of Psychiatry

IJP: Israel J. of Psychiatry | Nr. 1, 2011

Vol. 48, Nr. 1, 2011 | Table of Contents, Israel Journal of psychiatry


Editorial: The Treatment of Depression During Pregnancy Deborah Kim, and John P. O’Reardon p.03

The Use of Electroconvulsive Therapy in Pregnancy: A Review Omer Saatcioglu and Nesrin B. Tomruk p.06

Gelotophobia in Israel: On the Assessment of the Fear of Being Laughed At Orly Sarid, Willibald Ruch and René T. Proyer p.12

Heart Rate Variability during a Continuous Performance Test in Children with Problems of Attention Jacques Eisenberg and Rafael Richman p.19

Benign and Time-Limited Visual Disturbances (Flashbacks) in Recent Abstinent High-Potency Heavy Cannabis Smokers: A Case Series Study Arturo G. Lerner, Craig Goodman, Dmitri Rudinski and Avi Bleich p.25

A Case of Klingsor Syndrome: When There is no Longer Psychosis Ranjan Bhattacharyya, Debasish Sanyal and Krishna Roy p.30

Mothers of Children with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Controlled Study of Adult Attachment Classifications and Patterns of Psychopathology Nathan Szajnberg, Melanie Elliott Wilson, Theodore P. Beauchaine and Everett Waters p.34

Change of Students’ Interest in Psychiatry over the Years at School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Serbia Nadja P. Maric, Dragan Stojiljkovi, Bojana Milekic, Marko Milanov, Jovana Bijelic and Miroslava Jasovic-Gasic p.42

Predictors of Early Psychiatric Rehospitalization: A National Case Register Study Nelly Zilber, Tzipi Hornik-Lurie and Yaacov Lerner p.49

Comorbidity of Insomnia Detected by the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index with Anxiety, Depression and Personality Disorders Hakan Atalay p.54

Idiom of distress or delusional state? Cultural Clash as the Cause of Misdiagnosis: A Case Report Anne-Marie Ulman and Faina Bar p.60

Correspondence, Book Reviews and Correction Matthew M. Large, Olav B. Nielssen, Nicholas Babidge, Erol Ozan, Meltem Oral, Erdem Deveci, İsmet Kırpınar and David Greenberg p.65

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