IJP - Israel Journal of Psychiatry

IJP: Israel J. of Psychiatry | Nr. 2, 2011

Vol. 48, Nr. 2, 2011 | Table of Contents, Israel Journal of psychiatry

Rates of Expressed Emotions in Pakistani Relatives of Patients with Schizophrenia
Aisha Ikram, Kausar Suhail, Sadaf Zara Jafery and Swaran Singh p.74

Preventive Pharmacological Treatment – an Evolving New Concept in Schizophrenia
Rony Sabbag, Raz Levin, Shany Edelman and Uriel Heresco-Levy p.82

Virtual Reality Exposure versus Cognitive Restructuring for Treatment of Public Speaking Anxiety: A Pilot Study Helene S. Wallach, Marilyn P. Safirand Margalit Bar-Zvi p.91

Social Cognition in Social Anxiety: First Evidence for Increased Empathic Abilities Yasmin Tibi-Elhanany and Simone G. Shamay-Tsoory p.98

Responsibility of the Therapist for the Patients' Actions (Tarasoff Rules): Position of the Psychiatrists Yuval Melamed, Yevgenia Or, Dimitri Rudinski, Shlomit Cohen, Marc Gelkopf, Arturo Lerner and Avi Bleich p.107

Relationship between ICD-10 Psychosocial Categories and Psychiatric Diagnosis in Israeli Adolescents Silvana Fennig, Alan Apter, Netta Horesh, Ruth Arzi, Gil Zalsman, Avi Weizman and Shmuel Fennig p.111

Family Variables Related to Behavioral Problems in Childhood Antonio Félix Raya, Marίa José Pino and Javier Herruzo p.117

Relationship between Personality and Disability in Patients with Major Depressive Disorder Medine Yazıcı Gűleç and Çiçek Hocaoğlu p.123

Tachyphylaxis/Tolerance to Antidepressive Medications: A Review Gregory Katz p.129

Controversies in Psychiatry: Proceedings of the First Psychiatric Residents Interactive Course  p.136-141

The use of antidepressants for bipolar depression D. Shefet, O. Gerstein, Y. Leubov, E. Malik, M. Marom, M. Shapiro Rotman, L. Shapir and T. Shmuel p.136

Prevention of recurrent postpartum depression a reasonable option? A. Olmer, H. Biadsi, A. Chola, Y. Dagan, L. Elishar, D. Keidar and V. Mironov p.137

Dynamic psychotherapy or dialectical behavioral therapy – which is better for borderline personality disorder? O. Tene, A. Har-Even, E. Dahan, Y. Babokshin, I. Reuveni, B. Ponarovsky, V. Rosman, T. Green and L. Gluzman p.138

The use of antipsychotics for dementia M. Linder, H. Bahagon, H. Boukani, G. Goren, P. Roitman, O. Rosenberg, R. Sagi and L. Sharoni p.139

Does the duration of untreated psychosis affect prognosis in schizophrenia? G. Mayer, I. Dekel, A. Domrab, M. Drobot, Y. Guttnik, E. Kalman, M. Kozal and I. Yifat p.140

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