IJP - Israel Journal of Psychiatry

IJP: Israel J. of Psychiatry | Nr. 4, 2011

Vol. 48, Nr. 4, 2011 | Table of Contents , Israel Journal of psychiatry

Editorial: Commentary on Israel’s Psychiatric Rehabilitation Law Robert E. Drake, Michael F. Hogan, Mike Slade and Graham Thornicroft p.227

The Mortality Risk Among Persons with Psychiatric Hospitalizations Ziona Haklai,Nehama Goldberger, Nechama Stein, Inna Pugachova and Itzhak Levav p.230

Schizophrenia: It’s Broken and It Can’t Be Fixed. A Conceptual Analysis at the Centenary of Bleuler’s Dementia praecox oder Gruppe der Schizophrenien Jan Dirk Blom, Herman M. van Praag p.240

Commentary Assen Jablensky p.248

Religion and Psychological well-being and distress in israeli Jews: Findings from the Gallup World Poll Jeff Levin p.252

Post-discharge Contact with Mental Health Clinics and Psychiatric Readmission: A 6-month Follow-up Study Alexander Grinshpoon, Yaacov Lerner, Tzipi Hornik-Lurie, Nelly Zilber and Alexander M. Ponizovsky p.262

“Transferred to Another Institution”: Clinical Histories of Psychiatric Patients Murdered in the Nazi “Euthanasia” Killing Program Florian Steger, Andreas Görgl, Wolfgang Strube, Hans-J. Winckelmann and Thomas Becker p.268

Anti-ribosomal P antibody in schizophrenia Yaron Gilat, Yehuda Shoenfeld, Moshe Kotler and Iulian Iancu p.275

Evidence-Based Treatment for Pediatric Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Lindsay Brauer, Adam B. Lewin and Eric A. Storch p.280

Book reviews Assaf Shelef, David Greenberg, Leah Rossman p.288

Correspondence Primary Delusional Parasitosis Treated Effectively with Paliperidone Yakup Albayrak, Okan Ekinci and Sena Yenel Özbay p.291

Obituaries p.293

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