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IJP: Israel J. of Psychiatry | Nr. 4, 2012

Vol. 49, Nr. 4, 2012 | Paraphilias: Diagnosis and treatment, Israel Journal of psychiatry

Israel journal of psychiatry-Paraphilias: Diagnosis and treatment
Israel journal of psychiatry-Paraphilias: Diagnosis and treatment

Editorial: Paraphilia p.246

Paraphilic Diagnoses in DSM-5 Richard B. Krueger and Meg S. Kaplan p.248

Axis I Psychiatric Disorders, Paraphilic Sexual Offending and Implications for Pharmacological Treatment Martin Kafka p.255

History of Abuse and Organic Difficulties in a Convenience Sample of 46 Ultra-orthodox Males with Pedophilia Eliezer Witztum, Netzer Daie, Ayala Daie-Gabai and Ariel Rosler p.262

Victim and Victimizer: The Role of Traumatic Experiences as Risk Factors for Sexually Abusive Behavior Lucinda A. Rasmussen p.270

Identifying Psychological Traits Potentially Subserving Aberrant Motivation or Inhibitory Failure in Pedophilic Behavior Lisa J. Cohen and Igor Galynker p.280

Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of the Paraphilias Meg S. Kaplan and Richard B. Krueger p.291

Pharmacological Treatment of Paraphilias Florence Thibaut p.297

Double-blind, Controlled, Clinical Trial Planned in Germany to Investigate the Efficacy of Psychotherapy Combined with Triptorelin in Adult Male Patients with Severe Pedophilic Disorders: Presentation of the Study Protocol Peer Briken, Wolfgang Berner and the P278 study group*  p.306

Book reviews p.314

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