IJP: Israel Journal of Psychiatry: Vol' 51, issue 3

Vol. 51, Issue 3, 2014, Israel Journal of psychiatry

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Ethical Issues in Psychiatry

Voting Rights for Psychiatric Patients: Compromise of the Integrity of Elections, or Empowerment and Integration into the Community?
Adiel Doron, MD, Rena Kurs, BA, Tali Stolovy, PhD, Aya Secker-Einbinder, MD, and Alla Raba, MD

Using Placebo Medications in the Clinical Setting – An Intellectual Game or a Possible Reality?
Uri Nitzan, MD, Yuval Bloch, MD and Shmuel Fennig, MD

Enhancing the Use of Institutional Ethics Committees in Mental Health Care in Israel
Tal Bergman-Levy, MD, Adiel Doron, MD and Rael D. Strous, MD

Patient Suicide
David Greenberg, MD, MRCPsych and Gaby Shefler, PhD

Real-life decision making of Serious Mental Illness patients: Opt-in and opt-out research participation
Amira Or, MD, Yehuda Baruch, MD, MHA, Shelly Tadger, MD, and Yoram Barak, MD, MHA

Ethics and the Psychiatry Journal Editor: Responsibilities and Dilemmas
David Greenberg, MD and Rael D. Strous, MD

Antenatal Group Therapy Improves Worry and Depression Symptoms
Angela Bowen, RN, PhD, Marilyn Baetz, MD, FRCP, Laura Schwartz, BA, MSc, Lloyd Balbuena, PhD and Nazeem Muhajarine, PhD

Negative Emotional Eating among Obese Individuals with and without Binge Eating Behavior and Night Eating Syndrome
Sarah Roer, PhD, Yael Latzer, DSc and Allan Geliebter, PhD

The Inclination to Evil and the Punishment of Crime – from the Bible to Behavioral Genetics
Azgad Gold, MD, PhD, and Paul S. Appelbaum, MD

Examining the Ethical Boundaries of Harm Reduction: From Addictions to General Psychiatry
Shaul Lev-Ran, MD, Uri Nitzan, MD and Shmuel Fennig, MD

Presenting Problems and Treatment Expectations Among Service Users Accessing Psychiatric Outpatient Care: Are There Gender Differences?
Ora Nakash, PhD, Maayan Nagar, MA and Itzhak Levav, MD

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