IJP: Israel Journal of Psychiatry: Vol' 54

Vol. 54, Issue 1, 2017, Israel Journal of psychiatry

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Mental Health Stigma: so much progress and yet a long way to go - Introduction to special issue on stigma
David Roe, Patrick Corrigan and Bruce G. Link

Does Individual Stigma Predict Mental Health Funding Attitudes? Toward an Understanding of Resource Allocation and Social Climate
Joseph S. DeLuca, MA, Timothy Clement, MPH, and Philip T. Yanos, PhD

Mental Illness Stigma Expressed by Police to Police
Heather Stuart, PhD

‘People with Problems, Not Patients with Illnesses’: Using Psychosocial Frameworks to Reduce the Stigma of Psychosis
Eleanor Longdon, PhD, and John Read, PhD

Explicit and Implicit Stigma of Mental Illness as Predictors of the Recovery Attitudes of Assertive Community Treatment Practitioners
Laura G. Stull, PhD, Haley McConnell, BA, John McGrew, PhD and Michelle P. Salyers, PhD

Violating Clan and Kinship Roles as Risk Factors for Suicide and Stigma among Lao Refugees: An Application of the Cultural Model of Suicide and “What Matters Most” Frameworks
Amar Mandavia, MA, Debbie Huang, MPH, Jeffrey Wong, MA, Bernalyn Ruiz, MA, Francesca Crump, MA, Jenny Shen, MA, Monica Martinez, BA, Luba Botcheva, PhD, Eduardo Vega, MA, Joyce Chu, PhD, Sara Lewis, PhD, and Lawrence H. Yang, PhD2

Greater Metacognition and Lower Fear of Negative Evaluation: Potential Factors Contributing to Improved Stigma Resistance among Individuals Diagnosed with Schizophrenia
Ruth L. Firmin, MS, Lauren Luther, MS, Michelle P. Salyers, PhD, Kelly D. Buck, MSN, PMHCNS-BC, and Paul H. Lysaker, PhD

Self-Stigma, Identity, and Co-Occurring Disorders
Maya A. Al-Khouja, BS, and Patrick W. Corrigan, PsyD

Different Roads Lead to Rome: Exploring Patterns of Change among Narrative Enhancement and Cognitive Therapy (NECT) Participants
David Roe, PhD, Ilanit Hasson-Ohayon, PhD, Michal Mashiach–Eizenberg, PhD, Amit Yamin, PhD and Paul H. Lysaker, PhD

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