IJP: Israel Journal of Psychiatry: Vol' 55 Issue 1

Vol. 55, Issue 1, 2018, Israel Journal of psychiatry

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New Developments in the Psychology ,Neuropsychology and Psychotherapy of Eating Disorders

Ever since I can remember myself: Implications of attachment and perceived maternal feeding practices on adult women’s body dissatisfaction
Inbar Baumgarten-Katz, Lilac Lev-Ari and Ada H. Zohar

Evidence Basis for Psychodynamic Self-Psychology in Eating Disorders – A Review Paper
Eytan Bachar

Anorexia Nervosa, Selflessness, and Gender-role Identity: A Study of Daughters and Parents
Kyra Sarner-Levin, Laura Canetti, Yael Latzer, Omer Bonne, Bernard Lerer and Eytan Bachar

"Eating Me Up from Inside": A Pilot Study of Mentalization of Self and Others and Emotion Regulation Strategies among Young Women with Eating Disorders
Lily Rothschild-Yakar, Merav Peled, Adi Enoch-Levy, Eitan Gur and Daniel Stein

Subjective and Objective: Alexithymia and Social Cognition in Eating Disorders
Michal Hason Rozenstein, Daniel Stein and Yael Latzer

The Body of Cognitive and Metacognitive Variables in Eating Disorders: Need of Control, Negative Beliefs About Worry Uncontrollability and Danger, Perfectionism, Self-esteem and Worry
Walter Sapuppo, Giovanni M. Ruggiero, Gabriele Caselli and Sandra Sassaroli

The Relationship between Disordered Eating Pathology, Sense of Coherence and Body Image Among Adolescent Boys in Israel
Yael Latzer, Orna Tzischinsky, Zohar Spivak-Lavi, Irit Chen and
Sarah Weinberger-Litman

Relationship Between the Ideal Woman Model, Self-figure Drawing, and Disordered Eating Among Jewish UltraOrthodox Women and National Religious Women
Tlalit Dori Frenkel, Yael Latzer and Rachel Lev-Wiesel

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