IJP: Israel Journal of Psychiatry: Vol' 56 Issue 1

Vol. 56, Issue 1, 2019, Israel Journal of psychiatry

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Editorial: On Combining the Sciences and Arts
rael Strous

Psychotherapy of Holocaust Survivors – Integration of Traumatic Experiences?
Katarzyna Prot-Klinger, Krzysztof Szwajca, Łukasz Biedka, Kazimierz Bierzyński, Ewa Domagalska-Kurdziel and Ryszard Izdebski

Cannabis for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Risk-Benefit, Ethical Issues and Proposed Guidelines for the Physician
Sol Jaworowski, Joseph Mergui and Cornelius Gropp

Methylphenidate Abuse and Knowledge about Its Risk among Patients in Methadone Maintenance Treatment
Liad Maslaton, Miriam Adelson, Anat Sason, Shaul Schreiber and Einat Peles

Sex-specific effect of intranasal vasopressin, but not oxytocin, on emotional recognition and perception in schizophrenia patients
Boaz Bloch, Raz Levin, Limor Vadas, Idan Shalev, Salomon Israel, Florina Uzefovsky, Roni Granot, Rachel Bachner-Melman, Alon Reshef, Richard P. Ebstein and Ilana Kremer

Reboxetine: A Randomized Controlled Open-label Study in Children and Adolescents with Major Depression
Paz Toren, Guy Goldstein,Galit Ben-Amitay, Joseph Ben-Sheetrit and Michelle Slone

Personality Pathology in Minor versus Moderate-Severe Non-suicidal Self-injury among Young Adults
Liat Itzhaky, Silvana Fennig and Golan Shahar

Case study: Fluoxetine induced Vaginal Bleeding
Hatice Turan and Aslihan Polat

Case study: “What’s Usual in the Unusual Patient?”: “Munchausen Syndrome” Leading to Numerous Invasive Medical Interventions in an Adolescent Patient with Known Psychiatric Background
Itai Horowitz, Benjamin Greenberg, Haia Flour, Dafna Kahana, Rachel Blumensohn, Dorit Porat-Yodashkin and Alex Gizunterman

Book review

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