IJP: Israel Journal of Psychiatry: Vol' 58 Issue 1

Vol. 58, Issue 1, 2021, Israel Journal of psychiatry

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Editorial: Let academia carry on...
Rael Strous

Adjustment to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Israel: Demographics, Behavioral and Psychological Factors
Dorit Hadar-Shoval, Kfir Asraf, Lubna Tannous-Haddad
and Orna Tzischinsky

Terror Exposure and Psychiatric Rehabilitation Utilization: A National Study of Jewish Citizens in Israel
Yael Weinstein, Marc Gelkopf, David Roe and Stephen Levine

Stress Factors and Mental Health among Israeli Medical Students in Sixand Four-Year Programs
Nikolai Kaidesh, Izhar Ben-Shlomo, Avital Laufer and Michal Finklestein

Building the Bridge: Psychiatric Treatment for Asylum-Seekers and Survivors of Human Trafficking in Israel: The Experience of the Gesher Clinic, 2014-2015
Ravit Hileli, Rael Strous, Yael Doreen Lewis and Ido Lurie

Lack of Association Between Childhood Traumatic Events and Essential Tremor: A Cross-sectional Study in a Turkish Population
Esra Demiryürek and Bekir Enes Demiryürek

Influence of Psychological Nursing with the Roy-Newman Comprehensive Model on Shortterm Quality of Life and Negative Emotions of Patients with Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
Qiao Peng and Li Ma

Scopolamine as a Potential Treatment Option in Major Depressive Disorder - A Literature Review
Dusan Kolar

Old Age Psychiatry in Israel: A Subspecialty Long Overdue
Nathan Herrmann, Daphna Shefet and Ramit Ravona

Book Review

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