IJP: Israel Journal of Psychiatry: Vol' 59 Issue 1

Vol. 59, Issue 1, 2022, Israel Journal of psychiatry

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Trends in Suicide Attempts in Israel During COVID-19: A National Representative Cohort Retrospective Study
Gil Raviv, Arad Kodesh, Omer Gertel, Yehudit Tzamir, Ron Kedem and Leah Shelef

A National Survey Indicates Support for the Inclusion of Additional Behavioral Addictions as Addictive Disorders
Carmel Kalla, Amit Lotan, Inbal Reuveni, Amit Shalev and Ishai Nir

Changes in Cerebral Cortex Thickness, Gray Matter Volume and White Matter Integrity in Patients with First-Episode DrugNaive Schizophrenia and Effects on Cognitive Impairment
Juner Le, Xudong Wang, Xiaoyi Li, Jianmin Zhang, Yonghua Chen and Yanping Ji

Do Repeated Episodes in Unipolar Depression Affect the DNA Damage, Repair Mechanisms and Cognitive Functions?
Mustafa Metehan Yıldırım, Osman Zulkif Topak, Osman Ozdel, Ibrahim Acikbas and Mucahit Secme

Levels of Cyberchondria in Anxiety Disorder and Depressive Disorder
Mehmet Özdemir, Ali Erdoğan and Mustafa Mehmet Eryılmaz

Serum Relaxin-3 and Irisin Levels in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Comparison with Healthy Controls
Aziz Kara, Ümmügülsüm Can and Zafer Bagci

Plica Neuropatica in a Patient With Schizophrenia: A Case Report
Dogancan Sonmez, Nursel Dilek and Cicek Hocaoglu

Letter to the Editor
Andres Martin

Hebrew Section: Abstracts

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